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Surviving Medicine

ISBN: 9781911510499

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Tips, techniques, humour and cartoons to guide you through life as a junior doctor. As you continue on your winding journey through the wacky wilderness that is medicine, you'll notice a few things are slightly different now that you've graduated from medical school. While everyone's time as a junior doctor is unique, there are a number of experiences during the first few years of training to which everyone who has made the trip can relate. So, to help you on this journey, the book offers advice on: prioritising jobs on ward rounds surviving on-calls handling the most common bleeps referrals requesting investigations and lots more - with a generous dose of humour thrown in for good measure! This book is designed to reassure you that we have all been there, and we know what you're going through. Try not to worry too much, have a go, be safe and most of all, try to enjoy your prestigious new position!