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People Management Clinic

People Management Clinic

ISBN: 9781854183910
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This pragmatic, comprehensive book fills a gap as a complete
A-Z guide to people management, helping mangers along the
most difficult of paths: leading, motivating and running a
team of people. This is an ideal book for managers who need
quick but expert guidance on the people management problems
they face on a daily basis. Making the transition to
managing a team is daunting in itself but the problems don't
stop there, managing other people poses challenges at all
levels. This book takes the form of a clinic, where a people
manager asks an experienced management consultant how he
should approach particular issues and problems. This unique
question and answer format offers managers advice that is
accessible, practical and based on the author's many years'
management consulting experience, and can be read whole or
dipped into as and when necessary.

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