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Rediscovering Groups: A Psychoanalyst's Journey Beyond Individual Psycho

ISBN: 9781853027260

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In this informative, informal and intergenerational dialogue on the psychology of group processes, Marshall Edelson and David N. Berg use and test current theory, laying practical guidelines for realizing the constructive possibilities of groups and organizations They argue that pernicious processes in groups can be voided by the development of a complex understanding of the factors and identities which influence and create a group. In a group setting, change or learning occur through the active participation of all group members. They suggest that, rather than theoretical ideas, humans use stories as tools to understand and share experiences. Within this conceptual framework, they discuss key themes, such as the practice and teaching of group psychotherapy and group dynamics; group identities - gender, generation, race, ethnicity; the problem of scapegoating in groups; and the nature of authority ''Rediscovering Groups'' is an interchange of ideas between two individuals from different generations, who recount and compare their experiences of groups and organizations. This detailed and personal analysis thus both describes and enacts its dual themes of narrative and collaboration.