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Rhythm and Timing of Movement in Performance:: Drama, Dance and Ceremony

ISBN: 9781853025488

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Importance is frequently ascribed to rhythm, timing and movement in the arts and they are used to great effect both consciously and unconsciously in theatre, drama, dance, ceremony and ritual. This work explores ideas and theories on the subject of rhythm, timing and movement in performance, employing anthropological, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary perspectives. Part one provides an introduction to their use, illustrating a range of ideas and theories with quotations and practical examples. In part two the ways in which these ideas may be applied in performance, observation, and practice is explained and the basic factors and elements of the three are described and classified. Suggestions are also made for the development of skills in movement observation, with particular examples from different cultures. The final section explores contrasting approaches and descriptions of rhythm and timing in action, with detailed descriptions of performance events in Britain, Arizona, Mexico and Papua New Guinea.