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Improving Classroom Performance

ISBN: 9781845906948

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Dragonfly Training was founded in 1999 and has established an excellent reputation internationally for providing inspiring, realistic and practical training courses for teachers. In this, their fi rst book, three of their top trainers provide some of the very best handsonapproaches to teaching.

Dragonfly's six key principles are:

Promote effective starters and plenaries

Provide constant reinforcement as a means of embedding knowledge andprovide on-going revision

Introduce a variety of ideas

Do first, teach after - whenever possible

Encourage students to create teaching materials themselves

Demonstrate and articulate success by modelling the desired outcomes

The trainers aim to make your life easier by providing practical strategies that can be used my most teachers, in most subjects, most of the time and by offering insight and ideas to engage, inspire and motivate including:

How you present yourself in the classroom

Rules, routines and rituals for establishing effective learning patterns

Strategies to make your teaching life easier

Making your classroom the one every student wants to be in

Making your department the envy of the school and using ICT to the maximum