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Young Gifted and Bored

ISBN: 9781845906801

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Many gifted and talented children are bored and frustrated in the classroom. Many are not achieving their potential and their talents are going unrecognised by the education system in which they find themselves. Many have special needs and special problems besides lessons which don't stretch them and teachers that don't understand them. Frustrated, they often switch off or, worse, become disruptive as a way of adding some spice to their day. We owe it to them to cultivate their abilities and talent and we owe it to society not to waste this most precious resource. Unfortunately, even when schools try to pursue this, their attempts are often plagued by confusion, misconceptions, doubtful assumptions, exaggerated claims and a lack of communication. Written by an experienced andworld-renowned author with a wealth of experience, this practical guide will challenge, excite and inspire teachers and show them how they can identify and provide for the needs of these children.