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Hypnotic Language - It's Structure and Use

ISBN: 9781845902858

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The use of language lies at the core of most hypnotic interventions. Milton H. Erickson developed complex language patterns that now form a major part of most therapists' work. In this remarkable book, the authors build on Erickson's approach, and develop it considerably further. This is amply demonstrated by means of scripts and case studies ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the techniques involved.“I can say with conviction that this is a book not to miss. The price on the cover bears no relationship to the value of the immense wealth of information within that cannot fail to cause those who read it to make substantive improvements to their communication skills. The authors are to be congratulated on a fine piece of work that will become a valuable reference for all who seek to further their skills and effectiveness through understanding of the subconscious minefield that is language perception. Roger P. Allen Dp Hyp PsyV“Dr Burton and Dr Bodenhamer's book should be part of every therapist's tool chest. The clear explanation of techniques and processes for change make it invaluable for those seeking to address the basis of problem issues to achieve swift resolution. Jeanie Phillips MA LPC“This book demystifies hypnotic language and makes one aware of its everyday presence. A very useful and practical guide. Michelle Quartermaine MA, LPC