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Literacy Toolkit

ISBN: 9781845901325

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The Literacy Toolkit is a journey into literacy in our society, its impact upon our schools and the practical and creative strategies we can use to ensure every pupil's literacy skills progress rapidly in all subjects. It embraces what we know about literacy learning and how we can move things forward creatively in the classroom and beyond for KS3 and KS4, so that students, learners and teachers will have a positive impact upon learning. It also embraces the notion that literacy needs to be addressed by all for all students to succeed. It looks at the key issues and alternative ways, to address them in a creativeand fun but purposeful manner.

This teacher's resource is divided into four sections

1. literacy in our society, the importance of it and how we put that into practice at KS3 and KS4 with the new KS3 curriculum and the transition between KS2 and 3.

2. 50 generic practical literacy strategies for the classroom.

3. whole school strategies which need to be addressed for literacy to flourish.

4. a selection of generic tools to be used for assessing literacy.