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Their Finest Hour

ISBN: 9781845900885

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In ''Their Finest Hour'', therapists on the cutting edge of their profession detail their most professionally rewarding cases and share what they learnt from them. These outstanding therapists define achievement in their field, describe how therapy really works and speak frankly about how their cases shaped their ideas. Each interview was recorded and then transcribed and written into narrative prose, including recreated dialogue that was based on case notes and recordings. The contributors approved all the material and the identifying features of clients were disguised. There have been some excellent books in the past about the most interesting and seminal cases of psychotherapy, but never have the greatest successes of the most accomplished theoreticians been assembled in one volume, and told in their own words. Included are stories from: Michael Yapko, Albert Ellis, Stephen Lankton, Arnold Lazarus, Jon Carlson, and William Glasser.''This book shows the powerful benefits that can emerge when experienced therapists look back and reflect upon their clinical work and not only share 'what works' but also describe how they have managed professional difficulties, failures and moments of uncertainty.A number of respected therapists from a variety of backgrounds share 'success' stories and describe clinical cases that illustrate their own unique approach to therapy. Contributors share personal stories about how they work with their clients, who are both individuals and families.The complex (and sometimes disturbing) narrative of everyday human life and family is explored and the concluding chapter (29) provides an excellent analysis and evaluation of core themes.The contributors present vivid case studies dealing with a wide range of challenging problems and issues and show how the therapists own experience can be highly relevant to their care of others and how these experiences can be used to form a healing bond in therapy.In the 21st century, increasingly therapists play a central role in the delivery of healthcare, generally for good, but sometimes for bad.Poignant, honest, and illuminating, 'Their finest hour' allows us to understand more fully the relationship between the personal and the professional. This invaluable work provides inspiration and insight for anyone working at the cutting edge of therapy and provides distilled hard-won knowledge for those who might be contemplating such a career.''Andy Young, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health NursingSheffield Hallam University''It was always said to me that there were three private activities in life, one was teaching, one was being a therapist and the other? … well, I probably don't need to enlarge upon! Therapy is understandably very personal and rarely do you get a chance to see therapy evolve not just in one session but in a series of sessions. Seldom can you explore what is considered someone's best session from which you can learn what therapy is about, nor do you often get the chance to think about what you consider will be your one of your finest hours in therapy. How do you know if you are making a difference? How do you know what is ‘good therapy'? How do you know what isn't? If you have ever pondered on these questions, if you are curious about how therapy actually works or even nosey about this notion from those considered on the ‘cutting edge' of this amazing profession, if you are looking for ways of challenging or even simply expanding upon your own views on what therapy is about, then this is just what you are looking for. There are twenty-nine fascinating chapters that draw you into experienced therapists work and will unquestionably draw you into your own. What better read, than honest well thought out opinions and narratives of therapists at work and not just one approach to therapy either, here you will encounter the richness of many. On reading this, you will be inspired, you will have insights into the inner world of the therapist, you may well have a greater vision of your own inner world, but you will certainly have further developed your own way of being a master therapist!'' Tom Barber, Principle Tutor - Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies''To read this book is like having a Master Class from the best in the business. In their own words they pass on to us their ideas and their strategies for dealing with a wide variety of subjects. An excellent book from which we can all – from student to experienced therapist – learn so much.'' Ursula Markham, Founder and Principal, The Hypnothink Foundation.''You may expect a book subtitled ''Master Therapists share their greatest success stories'' to be full of stories of clients achieving fantastic results through the ''magical'' skills of their therapist. Actually, nothing could be further from the reality of this book. Instead the book offers a wide range of complex (and often moving) cases that involve months, even years, of therapy to achieve satisfactory, but rarely amazing, outcomes. Sometimes there aren't even clear outcomes. A wide range of therapists is presented here (all American) and their specialities range from feminist therapy to existential therapy, with many in between. However, the conclusion of the book seems to be that it is not the type of therapy that matters but rather the relationship that the therapist builds with the client. I like that conclusion, it gives us mortals hope. There are no ''magic bullets'' in therapy - follow this model of therapy and you'll win every time - rather a strong bond between therapist and client, and a resourceful, flexible and imaginative approach, will bring you better results. The book is engagingly written with a marvelously wide range of client stories. It will refresh, inspire and encourage your work. And don't miss the alien abduction story !.'' Ross Maynard FCMAIdeas into ActionCoaching, NLP and Lean Management''24 therapists - including well-known names such as William Glasser and Albert Ellis - detail in this heavy tome their most professionally rewarding cases and share what they learnt from them, as well as describing how the therapies work.Interestingly, the authors previously wrote Bad Therapy about famous therapists' worst sessions and what they learned from them, and The Mummy at the Dining Room Table about their most bizarre or unusual cases.Each chapter detailing a client session starts with a description of the therapist recounting it, so that you are reassured about their qualifications, practices and conclusions. I would think this book has a wider readership than professionals alone, as each session is a fascinating insight into the human nature hiding under facades.I had tears in my eyes as I read Michael Yapko's deceptively simple solution which was a turning point for a client so resigned to death he neither spoke nor moved. There were tears of sadness, too, for Susan Johnson's client who tried to become invisible through anorexia to escape memories of childhood abuse, and for her husband as he heard her story with the therapist. And there was admiration for Peggy Papp who dealt with a family which refused to reveal secrets by instead addressing the effects of those secrets - then the family members spoke to each other. This is a superb read.''Deidre Boyd, Addiction Today July/August 2008“I defy anybody to not read any chapter at random without a gaining new idea, insight or just plain inspiration. A wonderful lucky-bag of a book.- Trevor Silvester, therapist, author, and trainer''Therapists described as being `on the cutting edge` of their profession detail here their most professionally rewarding cases. It's fascinating to read about the creative methods which therapists adopt for the good of their clients and reassuring to detect the humanity and humility with which many reflect on their work. It's inspirational as well as being instructive and yet each chapter is so compelling it reads like a page-turner novel. Read about `control freaks`, therapy abuse, finding love and solving the unsolvable as well as a useful analysis of core themes, and be inspired and amazed by the scope of human experience and the extent to which the talking therapies can alleviate human suffering.''The Wave Magazine August 2008.''This is a book that incorporates the thoughts, insights and strategies of some of the finest therapists, and it is inspiring.It is hard to put this book down once you start reading with so much to learn from its pages. Each chapter is gripping and stimulating, and it is great to be able to learn how each of these successful professionals developed their approaches.Whether you are an experienced therapist, or just starting out, there is so much you can learn from reading this one book. So what are you waiting for?'' Book Reviews by Terri Bodell FNACHP (Fellow of the National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists) UK