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Count Me In!

ISBN: 9781843109556

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School really should be the best time in a young person's life – full of discovery, fun and friendship. In reality, school is often a negative experience where young people feel powerless, bored and disinterested. By listening to what young people have to say and encouraging them to participate in their own education, teachers can encourage effective learning, improve self-esteem and develop greater student autonomy.Encouraging Student Participation in the Classroom explores how different teaching approaches impact upon learning, and offers practical advice on how to design processes which encourage students to participate fully and take more responsibility for their own learning. Examples include getting students to fill in a simple evaluation sheet after a lesson, and including students in discussions about their behaviour and learning. The authors discuss how to create a successful partnership between teacher and student and stress the importance of active listening. They also demonstrate how students with disabilities and special educational needs can also participate and be included, offering practical ways to help the teacher to achieve this.This accessible guide to empowering students will appeal to teachers in mainstream and special schools, teacher trainers, student teachers, educational researchers and anyone interested in how innovative learning can improve the educational experience for all.