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One Life - Hope, Healing and Inspiration on the Path to Recovery from Ea

ISBN: 9781843109129

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Many people with an eating disorder also suffer from low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. Eating disorders such an Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia are maladaptive coping mechanisms, and recovery requires the learning of new, healthy coping skills.In One Life - Hope, Healing and Inspiration on the Path to Recovery from Eating Disorders, Naomi Feigenbaum shares her personal story of recovery at the Renfrew Center and offers positive coping strategies, including practical advice about how and when to use them. She addresses the importance of self-belief and positive thinking by introducing each chapter with a different healthy recovery tool, such as honesty, writing a journal, and dealing with triggers, motivating the reader not to hold on to their eating disorder, but to follow their dreams and take control of their own recovery now. Encouraging readers that a setback is nothing more than a challenge to be overcome, this inspirational book will help people at all stages of recovery from an eating disorder and their families, and the psychologists and psychotherapists, counselors, social workers and health professionals who work with them do the 'next right thing' and combat the root causes of this dangerous illness.