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Microanalysis in Music Therapy

ISBN: 9781843104698

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Microanalysis is the analysis of micro processes. In the context of music therapy, it is the detailed analysis of a short period of time during a music therapy session during which some kind of change takes place. These moments are crucial to the therapeutic process, and there is a great need to better understand how they come about and whether there are ways of initiating them.The moment of change - the micro process - may last one minute or five minutes, and in order to analyse process over a longer time period, several microanalyses may be undertaken, looking at a number of discrete events. This book looks at methods of micro process analyses used in a variety of music therapy contexts, both clinical and research-based. The contributors outline their methods, which include using video and audio materials, interviewing, and monitoring the client's heart rate, and also give examples of the practical application of microanalysis from their clinical experience, including work with clients who have psychiatric illness, or autism.Microanalyses in Music Therapy provides a wealth of important theoretical and practical information for music therapy clinicians, educators and students.