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Living Alongside a Child's Recovery: Therapeutic Parenting with Traumati

ISBN: 9781843103288

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The idea of using therapeutic parenting to help with the recovery of traumatized children is the focus in the latest title in the Delivering Recovery series, Living Alongside a Child's Recovery. In this new selection, the focus is on the effects of attachment, the benefits of residential care, and what is needed to make therapeutic parenting work for children who have been traumatized. The authors stress the need for structure and consistency and this is highlighted in the chapters describing residential care. The need for routine is described in detail, with information regarding nurturing, primary care and providing a structured environment for the children. The discussion of psychodynamic theories of child development and issues of maternal preoccupation are also emphasized and used as background information for the practical application of guiding children through their trauma, in order to eventually function outside of residential care.This is an ideal accompaniment to Reaching the Vulnerable Child, Therapy with Traumatized Children, also in the Delivering Recovery series.