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Supporting Parents: Messages from Research

ISBN: 9781843102106

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Supporting Parents explores the range of supports that parents find effective and how those supports might be improved or better mobilized. In this overview of a series of research studies commissioned by the Department of Health, David Quinton considers the relationship between formal and informal support and how different forms of support, such as practical help, material resources, emotional support and specialist advice, make a difference to parenting. This new research offers an innovative perspective on support by drawing from studies on the general population as well as specific service users, to highlight issues common to parents in a wide variety of circumstances. These include:· how parents cope in stretching situations such as financial hardship or new step-families and how they deal with children's problematic behaviour· the effects of foster carers' different parenting approaches· parenting and support in the context of disability· assisting parents who are hard to support, such as those that reject a child, teenage parents in public care and imprisoned fathers.Family and childcare social workers, health visitors and policy makers will find Supporting Parents to be an essential introduction to a set of key research studies that document and have, in some cases, shaped recent policy initiatives.