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Therapeutic Approaches in Work With Traumatised Children and Young Peopl

ISBN: 9781843101871

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Based on work carried out by staff at the Cotswold Community over a number of years, Therapeutic Approaches in Work with Traumatised Children and Young People provides a clear and comprehensive link between theory and practice. The author shows how practice in the field of residential child care, fostering and other areas of work with children can be developed in a way that is soundly based on theory.Meeting weekly to discuss and review their therapeutic practice in the light of relevant theoretical approaches, the staff at the Cotswold Community produced an invaluable record of working with emotionally traumatised children. The result, brought together here by Patrick Tomlinson, is an in-depth account of a 'thinking culture' which provides continual opportunities to respond to issues in innovative ways, and includes useful suggestions on a range of key issues including education and play, sexuality and aggression. CONTENTSForeword, Paul Van Heeswyk. Introduction. 1. The Cotswald Community. 2. Primary Provision – Theory and Practice. 3. Therapeutic Task with Emotionally Integrated Children – Theory and Practice. 4. Therapeutic Education. 5. Play. 6. Therapeutic Communication – Individual and Group Meetings for Children. 7. Language. 8. Delinquent Excitement and Subculture. 9. Authority, Consequences and Reparation. 10. Gender Issues, Sexuality and Dress. 11. Working with Absence and Break Periods. 12. Leavings, Endings and Beginnings. 13. External Reality and Protection from Impingement (intolerable disruption and stimulation). 14. Working with Violence and Aggression. 15. Working with Powerful Feelings and Supervision. 16. Management Structure and the Therapeutic Task. 17. Special Events. 18. Other Questions, Other Possibilities. References. Index