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Writing My Way Through Cancer

ISBN: 9781843101130

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Diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2000, poet and author Myra Schneider turned to her writing to help her come to terms with the experience. In this thoughtful and readable book, she illustrates how writing helped her through diagnosis, treatment and recovery as well as the change in self-image following her mastectomy.In her frank expression of intense fear, anger and doubt, Myra Schneider includes notes and finished poems written during her period of recovery. She also offers practical support in the form of therapeutic writing suggestions for cancer sufferers, whether they are experienced authors or have never written before.Bringing together an unsparing but ultimately uplifting first-hand account of life with cancer and advice about writing as therapy, this engaging and positive book shows the benefits of expressing the self through writing. It will provide inspiration and support to anyone affected by cancer and useful insight for professionals involved in the care of cancer patients.CONTENTSPart 1: Journal 1.Investigation. 2. Diagnoses. 3. Hospital. 4. Recovery from the Operation I. 5. Recovery from the Operation II. 6. First Encounter with Chemotherapy. 7. Interlude in Nice. 8. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy I. 9. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy II. 10. The After Effects of Double Treatment. 11. The Final Chemotherapy Cycles. 12. Escape to Eastbourne and Book Launches. 13. Climbing Back to Health I. 14. Climbing Back to Health II. Afterword. Part 2: Writing Ideas 1. Starting Off. 2. Letting Go in Lists. 3. Flow Writing. 4. Visualizations. 5. Writing about Memories. 6. Playing with Words. 7. Image Explorations. 8. Taking an Overview. 9. Taking Writing Further. Appendix. References. Index