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Large Group Revisited

ISBN: 9781843100973

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This important and thought-provoking book explores the workings and dynamics of the large group, with clear descriptions of both theory and technique. Building on Kreeger's earlier collection of papers, this volume shows how large-group concepts in group analysis have evolved to become important tools in understanding the social interactive processes operating in conferences, workshops, training institutes and large organizations such as hospitals, psychiatric communities and government agencies - and even operate in virtual groups formed on the internet.The authors consider issues of leadership and order, the control and expression of aggression, spiritual and therapeutic experiences, the maintenance of individuals' identities and the development of culture in the context of larger groups. Engaging with a broad set of contexts, this book will be of practical use to all those who seek fuller understanding of the social and psychological processes underlying group dynamics, including group analysts, sociologists, policy makers and consultants.CONTENTSForeword, Malcolm Pines, Institute of Group Analysis, London. Introduction: Background, Structure and Dynamics of the Large Group, Haim Weinberg, Tel Aviv University and Stanley Schneider, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Part I: The Large Group: Theory and Technique. 1. A Consultant's Journey into the Large Group Unconscious: Principles and Techniques, Lamis K. Jarrar, Howard University Counseling Service, Washington. 2. Large Groups and Culture, Malcolm Pines, Institute of Group Analysis, London. 3. Aspects of Aggression in Large Groups Characterised by (ba) I:A/M Earl Hopper, Psychoanalyst and Group Analyst, London. 4. The Mystical and the Spiritual in the Large Group, Stanley Schneider, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 5. Chaos and Order in the Large Group, Gerhard Wilke, Institute of Group Analysis, London. 6. Experiences in Large Groups: Bion's Influence, Robert M. Lipgar, University of Chicago.. 7. The Power of Projective Processes in Large Groups, Joseph H. Berke, Arbours Crisis Centre, London.. Part II: The Large Group: Application to Society. 8. Socially Sanctioned Violence: The Large Group as Society, Otto F. Kernberg, Personality Disorders Institute, New York - Presbyterian Hospital. 9. The Large Group and Political Process, Josef Shaked, Austrian Group Analytic Society, Vienna. 10. The Large Group and the Organization, Joseph Triest, Tel Aviv University. 11. The In-Patient Large Group Meeting, Rolf Schmidts, German Association of Psychoanalysis, Munich. 12. The Large Group in a Virtual Environment, Haim Weinberg, Israel Association for Group Psychotherapy, Tel Aviv. 13. The Large Group and Leadership Challenges in a Group Analytic Training Community, Thor Kristian Island, Institute of Group Analysis, Norway. Epilogue. The Larger Group as a Meeting of Minds: A Philosophical Understanding, Patrick de Maré, Institute of Group Analysis, London and Roberto Schöllberger, Institut für Psychoanalyse, Zurich-Kreuzlingen. The Contributors. Subject Index. Author Index.