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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in Easy Steps

ISBN: 9781840785999

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet in easy steps goes hand in hand with the Tab 2 and Tab 3 versions and will help you to quickly get up and running with your Samsung tablet, covering Android Jelly Bean. Samsung Galaxy Tablet in easy steps shows how to customize the look and feel of your tablet. It gives a full rundown of the latest version of the Android operating system and how to use it on your tablet in terms of navigating around, performing all of your favorite tasks, getting online and turning your tablet into your own mobile entertainment center. Apps are covered in depth; using the pre-installed apps, downloading and utilizing the Google Play Store and Samsung Apps. It shows how to use your Samsung tablet for your entertainment needs, including music, movies, photos, books and games. Online connectivity is vital for tablets and Samsung Galaxy Tablet in easy steps looks at connecting to the Web via Wi-Fi, using email, setting up online contacts and using all of your favorite social networking sites at the tap of a button. Security is covered, including preventing unauthorized access to your tablet, staying safe online and when using your apps.