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Tablet PCs for Seniors in Easy Steps

ISBN: 9781840785869

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After explaining the types of Tablet PC and options available, Tablet PCs for Seniors in easy steps then covers all the functions the reader will need and guides them through setting up, personalizing and maintaining their Tablet PC. They will then learn how to connect to and browse the internet, send and receive message and emails, and maintain contacts and calendar.
Apps form a major part of Windows 8 and the functions of the Tablet PC can be extended by downloading Windows 8 Apps from the Windows Store. Tablet PCs for Seniors in easy steps looks at a number of these, focusing on apps the senior reader might find useful. A Tablet PC may include a version of Microsoft Office, or this can be installed as an additional application, so the book covers the basics of the Office applications. Readers will want to make sure that their Tablet PC is kept safe and secure and ensure that the software on their system is kept up to date. Tablet PCs for Seniors in easy steps guides readers through everything they will need to know to get the most out of their new Tablet PC, showing them how, in larger type for easier reading.