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Building Android Apps In Easy Steps

ISBN: 9781840785289

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Android has become the dominant operating system for
smartphones and a host of connected devices. And,
Building Android Apps in easy steps will help you develop
your own brilliant Android App using the popular Android
App Inventor. Your App idea can now become a reality!
It'll carefully guide you through all the stages to
complete your app: from installing Java and the App
Inventor to achieving your final Android App.
Areas covered include: creating a development environment
on your own computer in which to develop and test your
Android apps; graphical interface components; application
properties; programming blocks; building and deploying a
complete Android application; creating interactive apps
that incorporate multimedia, utilise device
functionality, and integrate with the web.
Each chapter builds your knowledge so by the end of the
book you'll have gained a sound understanding of
application development for the Android platform.