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Photoshop Elements 9 in easy steps

ISBN: 9781840784350

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Photoshop Elements 9 in Easy Steps actually encourages
the reader to enjoy both fun and the functionality of
this leading image editing software. It covers exciting
new features and the core areas that have succeeded in
putting Elements into a league of its own. Editing
digital images is at the heart of Elements 9 and this
book covers it in depth. It has areas for full image
editing, Quick Fixes and also fully guided editing with
help features. The book covers all of the essential
editing techniques and also looks at some of the new
editing features in Elements 9 such as creating photo
effects and styles and also how to remove unwanted items
from photos. Elements 9 is outstanding when it comes to
sharing images creatively and this book covers its
stunning features including, improved effects, colour-
coordinated layouts, animated slideshows, dynamic online
galleries, photo emails and fun flip-books.