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Project 2010 in easy steps

ISBN: 9781840783971

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Microsoft Project is an excellent project planning,
scheduling and control tool. Project 2010 in easy steps
will quickly get you started and making use of the
powerful features of the product. Beginning with first
principles, the book sets out the right way to start a
project and develop the project plan. It shows you how to
break a project down into tasks, which can then be
scheduled, allocated to resources to be carried out,
tracked and controlled to completion. It explains the
different types of task dependencies and how to use them
to make sure things happen when they are needed. For
medium to larger projects it shows you the best way to
structure your project for success. Projects are carried
out by people and other resources; and this book shows
you how to allocate and control the resources on your
project, track holidays and vacations and even deal with
people working on different shift patterns. It covers
people and other revenue costs, together with capital and
fixed costs so you can stay in control of your project