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Internet for Seniors in Easy Steps Vista Edition

ISBN: 9781840783568

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The Internet is not just for students and business, it is
there for everyone. Internet for Seniors in easy steps
with its larger type and clear presentation, will help
you enjoy it to the full. The 50+ group is the fastest
growing segment of Internet users. This book will help
you take your place in this evolution, so that you can
discover the opportunities and the benefits of the
Internet. It introduces you to the latest software
Internet Explorer 7 (as used in Windows Vista) and tells
you how you can install this on your Windows XP system.
However, the emphasis is on the tasks that you want to
carry out over the Internet, rather than the technology
and equipment used. Activities discussed include
searching the Internet, solving puzzles and quizzes,
playing games of skill such as chess and bridge, planning
vacations, exploring arts and crafts, researching your
family tree, managing money and investments, and keeping
in touch with family and friends. The book helps make
sure that all your Internet experiences will be safe,
enjoyable and useful.