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Loving Your Neighbour in an Age of Religious Conflict: A New Agenda for

ISBN: 9781785925634

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How can Christians meaningfully engage with interfaith questions?
Grounded in the author's experience of developing interfaith programmes at one of the world's leading universities, this book carves a fresh perspective on the challenges of religious difference by placing them within the broader currents of belief and scepticism in today's society. It sets out the local challenges presented by religious difference within the global picture, and explores the implications of global religious resurgence for Western secularist assumptions, both in our communities and in how we relate the rest of the world.
Combining theory with examples of practical engagement, Walters offers an imaginative Christian theological approach to responding to religious difference without resorting to relativism. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the future of religion in the modern world.
Market: Thoughtful educated but non-specialist readers interested in religion in the modern world, Christian theology and interfaith issues; clergy and chaplains; churchgoers.