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Treating Body and Soul: A Clinicians' Guide to Supporting the Physical,

ISBN: 9781785921483

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Patients who are facing illness and uncertainty often find themselves reflecting on the bigger questions in life, and the core beliefs or principles they live by. These convictions, religious or otherwise, are integral to a patient's identity, and consequently to their most fundamental emotional and spiritual needs. Perceptive clinicians have proved that, by recognising and working with their patients' spiritual requirements, they have been able to significantly improve their patients' experience in the medical setting.
In this book, these select clinicians reveal their medical perspective on the importance of bringing together the body and soul for effective healthcare. Sharing their own personal styles of enquiry into individuals' requirements, they explain how they identify their patients' needs, and how they utilise this knowledge to advise the rest of their team and enhance their ability to provide excellent, attentive care.
Market: Acute health care practitioners including nurses, doctors, counsellors, therapists and chaplains; medical students; anyone interested in medical ethics.