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Leadership Dialogues II

ISBN: 9781785832567

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Following on from the bestselling Leadership Dialogues (ISBN 9781845909062), Leadership Dialogues II examines eight more themes crucial to the effective education of our young people in schools. This is not a book containing all the answers, rather it is a book containing many of the questions that will help school leaders work with their colleagues to find the answers, both for their own schools and for the communities in which they work.
We are living in times when people are looking for simple answers, for detailed instructions which will ensure they progress to their goals. In times of rapid change, such as we are in now and are likely to be for at least the next 30 years, there is no step-by-step guide, no instruction manual – only some powerful tools that can help you on your journey.
The problems faced by schools across the globe will have similar themes, but the precise issues are very specific to each school. It follows that the best people to interrogate the problems experienced by an individual school and to find the solutions to them are those working there every day.
Each of the eight themes in this book has five sections: each of which has an outline showing why the topic is important, some key quotes to engage thinking, a ten-minute read to provoke debate (available to download via a web site link, for circulation to the rest of the leadership team), some questions for the team to consider and at least two resources for each section. The resources are often in table form, enabling you to use the materials with little extra preparation. All you need to do is think, discuss and then act. The eight themes in this book are:
  • Securing equity and engagement
  • Clarifying the purpose of education
  • Middle leadership – the engine room of the school
  • Managing resources
  • Learning and technology
  • Global education
  • Alternative staffing models