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Hope and Resiliency

Hope and Resiliency

Understanding the Psychotherapeutic Strategies of Milton H Erickson

ISBN: 9781785831584
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Milton H. Erickson is recognised as one of the most innovative clinicians of our time. Known as the father of modern hypnosis and the source of inspiration for many forms of family therapy and brief therapy (including the increasingly popular solution-focused therapy) Erickson's influence has reached far beyond the perimeters of any one country or culture.

Much of the scientific and popular literature is beginning to focus on the themes of hope and resiliency - Erickson worked from a philosophical position that is best explained using these two concepts.

Although Erickson is most commonly examined through the lens of hypnosis, this book takes a much broader approach and defines several key components that made him successful as a therapist. The fundamental strategies described are relevant to all mental health care professionals, regardless of their theoretical orientation. The book is written by leaders and experts in the field of Ericksonian therapy.

The hardback edition, ISBN 9781904424932


By: Dan Short,Betty Alice Erickson,Roxanna Erickson Klien

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Pages: 288

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