Triathlon: Start to Finish

ISBN: 9781782550860
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Youve finished your first short-distance triathlon maybe even an Olympic distance, but now its time to up the ante and go further and faster than ever before. Experienced professional trainers Paul Huddle and Roch Frey along with T.J. Murphy will bring the triathlete in you up to the challenge all the way up to full Ironman triathlon distances and beyond. Time spent working out, balancing work, family and training, adding speed work, recovery and the mental game are all essential when you decide to move up to the long distance triathlon. No one has more training or racing experience than the team of Roch, Paul and T.J. They will get you to your target race healthy, happy and ready for more. The authors are not only triathlon winners; they have also trained triathlon winning athletes, and written about their experience extensively. This 24-week training program is laid out in four six-week increments. This represents the day-by-day, week-by-week work to be done in preparing for a successful long-distance triathlon.