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Rugby: The Art of Scrummaging

ISBN: 9781782550594

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Rugby: The Art of Scrummaging is an authoritative work on scrummaging, covering every conceivable aspect from history, technique to safety, physical conditioning to scrum law.Up until now, scrum knowledge has been acquired mostly by word of mouth and through good coaching, but the teachings are often watered down over time. Rugby: The Art of Scrummaging draws on many years of combined experience of world class players to present a structured and well researched body of work which aims to inform and educate coaches, players, and referees about this noble art. Many of the big names of international rugby have added their comments and endorsements. And with substantial input from renowned rugby writer and ex-Wallaby centre Dick Marks, who has spent more than 30 years in coaching development and management, and Peter Fenton, a respected and acclaimed International rugby coach, this book has all the potential to become the bible of scrummaging.