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It's Only the End of the World

ISBN: 9781782505174

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Charlie thinks he's a pretty normal guy, until someone breaks into his room one night and reveals that everything he's ever thought about anything is wrong.
1. His parents are boring, nope, they're actually highly skilled computer hackers with a history of radical action
2. He has no special talents, nah, he's been jacked up with the Jekyll serum, making him near enough a super hero (minus the spandex)
3. The world is basically a good and predictable place, wrong again, there's an evil corporation determined to bring on THE END OF THE WORLD... and kill him
4. The person who broke into his room is weird, OK, that one is true. But Daffodil (not her real name) has a bossy, all-powerful artificial intelligence attached to her brain stem which is bound to make anyone a little different.
In this pacey, ironic thriller, brilliant dialogue meets slapstick fight scenes, in a teen version of Christopher Brookmyre, and the question of who's controlling whom is startlingly, hilariously and constantly revised.
From 12 to 16 years.