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Learning to Commit:

ISBN: 9781770402454

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Commit to a successful relationship!

Ever wonder why your relationships don't last? Why do you always get the proverbial cold feet? Even when you have such feelings for someone, do you wonder why can't you find an enduring love?

Quite likely it's not the other person, it's you — specifically, your inability to commit.

This book, a personal account by a respected and experienced therapist, teaches the skill of commitment. Step by step, Avrum Nadigel demonstrates how to overcome the anxieties and resistance to acquire the skills to build the sustainable bonds of a relationship. Learning to Commit is the definitive guide on how to prepare yourself for a successful life-partnership. Whether you are single and yearning or coupled and conflicted, Nadigel's techniques are reassuring and inspiring in the pursuit of a happier and more durable love.