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A View from the Top Action Guide

A View from the Top Action Guide

Your Guide to Moving from Success to Significance

ISBN: 9781640951020
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A View from the Top Action Guide is based on Zig Ziglar's best-selling book A View from the Top and is designed to help readers reach goals and be their very best in every aspect of life. This Action Guide helps readers organize a step-by-step strategy for achieving every goal while accepting and adhering to the philosophy that dreams are more than wishful thinking--it takes action to make dreams come true and goals to be accomplished. The Action Steps in each chapter stimulate thinking--providing ways to expand and enhance life to move readers on to advancing their idea of a picture-perfect future. Through these Action Steps they will gain wisdom and insight about success and significance--and can determine more clearly what they actually want in life. These steps include practical ways to make a difference in life right now. Highlighted are many great men and women of the past and the current who were raised in poverty or were abused or had serious physical defects--and understood that it's not what happens, it's how what happens is handled that makes the difference. Thought-provoking and action-motivating chapters include: Successful Living Balance From Success to Significance Building Winning Relationships Freedom to Succeed Growing Your Dreams Imagination and Motivation Your Life's Mission Significance and Spirituality Finishing Well People today think they can have it all--is that a pipe dream or a reality? Serious readers of A View from the Top Action Guide can make it a reality! Anyone willing to work, view life with the right attitude, add specific skills, and live by the Golden Rule can experience truly exciting opportunities for complete success--and the view from the top will be magnificent!


By: Zig Ziglar

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Pages: 112

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