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Practical Surgical Pathology of the Breast

Practical Surgical Pathology of the Breast

ISBN: 9781620701058

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Practical Surgical Pathology of the Breast is a comprehensive and accessible guide for the practicing pathologist and trainee. It provides anatomic pathologists with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate breast cases and classification systems that are commonly and uncommonly found in everyday practice. Particularly challenging topics such as understanding the molecular mechanisms linked to breast cancer and the interpretation of molecular tests, are covered in clear prose, along with useful discussions on diagnostic challenges written by world experts. The use of immunohistochemistry in breast pathology is discussed in detail and how to apply it to resolve diagnostic problems. As a result, the book simplifies difficult-to-master issues such as recognizing therapy-induced changes to breast specimens and identifying borderline breast lesions and many more. Each chapter features high-quality images and stains, tables that emphasize differential diagnoses, text that highlight common diagnostic pitfalls with corresponding tips, as well as helpful key points and how to reach an accurate diagnosis using appropriate procedures and tests. With Practical Surgical Pathology of the Breast as a guide, practitioners and residents can hone their diagnostic skills, resolve difficult cases and improve their approach to breast cases in their daily practice. Key Features: Written by world-renowned breast pathology experts Emphasizes the differential diagnosis problem-solving process found in everyday practice Contains over 400 high-quality images including numerous immunohistochemical stains which are essential when comparing breast entities Includes detailed coverage of core biopsy interpretation, precursors of mammary carcinoma and their mimics, papillary lesions, flat epithelial atypia, adenosis, microinvasive carcinoma, carcinomas with good prognosis, mesenchymal lesions, triple negative carcinomas, lymphomas of the breast, and interpretation of therapy-related changes. Highlights diagnostic pitfalls and common problems and includes practical tips throughout to guide the proper interpretation of breast lesions and the proper application of tests to reach accurate diagnoses.

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