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Radiation Oncology Primer and Review

Radiation Oncology Primer and Review

ISBN: 9781620700044

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Radiation Oncology Primer and Review describes the fundamental concepts, nomenclature and definitions of the field of radiation oncology that every trainee or practitioner needs to know. Divided into three sections, Radiation Oncology Primer and Review covers basic science, clinical science, and technical and planning issues to give the trainee a full overview of the core knowledge base of the field. Co-written by a former radiation oncology residency programme director and a team of radiation oncology residents, the book is organised in concise sections and is amply illustrated to highlight key points and help the reader understand and retain major concepts. Treatment approaches consistent with published clinical trial protocols that define control/standard of care/consensus radiation treatment are included. In addition to serving as a primary introduction to the field, the book also offers a short review of fundamental concepts for the senior resident prior to written or oral examinations, and is a useful resource for the radiation oncology educator to develop teaching plans and quizzes. Chapter organisation is based on the International Atomic Energy Agency Syllabus for the Education and Training of Radiation Oncologists, the syllabus endorsed by both the American Society for Radiation Oncology and the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.

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