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Berkshire Stories

ISBN: 9781584200284

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Morgan Bulkeley first saw the Berkshires on a golden fall day in 1928. A school outing brought him to Bear Mountain, where he ate a sandwich ashis eyes feasted on the natural beauty spread before him. He was fourteen and suddenly found himself in love with a place. In more than 100 pithy, beautiful, and frequently witty pieces, Bulkeley records the incredibly complex riches of his beloved Berkshire County. Organized into four sections (history, nature, people, and conservation), Berkshire Stories offers a profound portrait of an evolving community and landscape. Reading these stories, we come to understand what it means to truly inhabit a place. We not only get to know its history and people, its ecology, plants, birds, and animals, but also its geological past and its potentially human future. Anyone who has ever been touched by the rich beauty of the Berkshires--whether for the first time or as a lifelong resident--will love this book. Berkshire Stories is illustrated throughout with drawings by the well-known artist Morgan Bulkeley, Jr., the author's son. C O N T E N T S: Foreword by Morgan Bulkeley, Jr. By Way of Introduction Berkshire History Berkshire Nature Birding and Botanizing Berkshire People Conserving the Berkshires