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Finance and Grow Your New Business:

Finance and Grow Your New Business:

ISBN: 9781551808208

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When it's time for the business to expand, Finance and Manage Your Business Growth outlines all the ways that one can raise capital. Learn how to grow your small business using sound financial planning:

Raise capital for your small business

Measure risk and plan for profitability

Grow your small business profitably

Entrepreneurs need to know how to measure the effectiveness of their operations, human resources and marketing in order to pinpoint inefficiencies and maximize profits. This book outlines all the ways to raise capital and then make it work for you! Many small business owners aren't able to take that next big step in expanding operations. This book shows you how to raise money to finance expansion, how to analyze key factors in your financial information and develop ratios of return on investment that will indicate the direction you should take your business. Finance & Manage Your Business Growth explains, in easy-to-understand terms, how to get the money you need for your business, and how to grow your business profitably.

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