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Break the Rules and Get the Part

ISBN: 9781495075414
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Not getting the part? Not getting callbacks? Are you angry and depressed at the results of applying archaic rules to superficial, low-stakes, pointless monologues because you know you re capable of so much more in a performance? Break the Rules and Get the Part: Thirty Monologues for Women not only teaches how and why to break the outdated rules you were taught, but unlike other story monologues, each one-minute monologue in this book is written with a clearly defined active and emotional arc in the present. Each comedic, serio-comedic, and dramatic monologue is followed by Helpful Direction: key points that highlight character objectives and intents, several ideas on which emotions to hit and how and where to hit them, and multiple comedic and dramatic suggestions that heighten an actor s individuality and personal essence. Written in the style and tone of a sometimes-potty-mouth but always-down-to-earth acting coach sharing her class secrets, this book is like having the writer and director rehearsing in person with you!