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The Final Piece

ISBN: 9781475858730

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In The Final Pieces: A Systems Approach to School Leadership, the author addresses the need for systems planning in school administration in an effort to assist principals and district leadership in the face of changing demands. The Final Pieces is the follow up to Putting the Pieces Together: A Systems Approach to School Leadersip. The second book describes the last two of the four major systems needed for effective school leadership: Student Support and Culture. This book will not only outline these systems and all of their component parts but will provide a "how to" approach to develop each system. In addition, a system for progress monitoring will be described and explained. Materials, such as forms, will be provided throughout as well as questions at the end of each chapter for reflection and planning. Creating these systems not only makes a principal's job more manageable, thus preventing burnout, but also helps to put the focus where it belongs. Aspiring leaders, sitting principals and district officials will benefit from this system design in order to maximize effectiveness, teacher satisfaction, and student achievement.