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Tinkering with Tales

ISBN: 9781475858051

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Teachers, in the classroom, at home, or online, are asked to provide quality instruction around the Science of Reading and develop early literacy foundational abilities incorporating phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension strategies. With this focus, many teachers believe there is not adequate time for other subjects, particularly those in STEM areas. This book will help elementary teachers incorporate familiar fairy tales into STEM lessons. Each of the tales is easily acquired children's literature (most non-copyrighted) so teachers can easily access a copy and/or provide students with their copy. Additionally, each tale has its organized STEM lesson with easy replication with low-cost household items that provide students with rich, hands-on experiences. Teachers will be able to pick up this book and start incorporating quality experiences for their students right away. The inclusion of the 5E Lesson Plan (with Common Core standards) and proper usage of vocabulary that accompanies each tale will enable teachers to provide instruction that reaches higher Bloom's and Depth of Knowledge for their students.