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Engaging Faculty in Guided Pathways

ISBN: 9781475857535

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Engaging faculty in Guided Pathways: A Practical Resource for College Leaders is the first book in a two-book series. It describes the important role of college faculty in student success reform efforts. In particular, it maps out the faculty role in Guided Pathways, a national movement focused on increasing the number of students who earn a degree or credential. It summarizes the primary tasks associated with the four essential practices of Guided Pathways: determining paths, helping students choose a path, helping students stay on a path, and ensuring learning. This book highlights the need for faculty engagement in all aspects of this work and provides practical suggestions and strategies to engage and empower both full and part-time faculty in this work. Moving the needle on student success outcomes requires high-levels of faculty engagement. Colleges are encouraged to invite full and part-time faculty to the table for important conversations about student success reform and to encourage and support faculty leadership in these institutional efforts. Readers will benefit from numerous practical suggestions, including faculty reflect