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Shaping the Future with STEM Instruction

ISBN: 9781475856712

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This book builds on an interdisciplinary approach that combines two or more of the STEM subjects. The goal is to help students see the relationship among science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Useful ideas, activities, and lesson plans are part of the package. It is up to the teachers to encourage students to apply STEM knowledge to interesting real-world problems. Motivating ideas and activities are presented in this book. Teacher/student friendly suggestions build on collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Creating a STEM culture in the classroom can help students learn the qualities that must be cultivated in a technology-intensive world. Innovations that radiate from the STEM subjects are driven by intellectual curiosity and the ability to act on beliefs. The future is something we can and should influence. Understanding of the STEM subjects is key to making a positive difference.