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Language of Mathematics

ISBN: 9781475854800

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The Language of Mathematics: How the Teacher's Knowledge of Mathematics Affects Instruction introduces the reader to a collection of thoughtful works by authors that represent current thinking about mathematics teacher preparation. The book provides the reader with current and relevant knowledge concerning preparation of mathematics teachers. The complexity of teaching mathematics is undeniable and all too often ignored in the preparation of teachers with substantive mathematical content knowledge and mathematical teaching knowledge. That said, this book has a focus on the substantive knowledge and the relevant pedagogy required for preparing teachings to enter classrooms to teach mathematics in K-12 school settings. Each chapter focuses on the preparation of teachers who will enter classrooms to instruct the next generation of students in mathematics. Chapter One opens the book with a focus on the language and knowledge of mathematics teaching. The authors of Chapters Two-Nine present field-based research that examines the complexities of content and pedagogical knowledge as well as knowledge for teaching. Each chapter offers the reader an examination of mathematics teacher preparation and practice based on formal research that provides the reader with insight into how the research study was conducted as well as providing the findings and conclusions drawn with respect to mathematics teacher preparation and practice. Finally, Chapter 10 presents an epilogue that focuses on the future of mathematics teacher preparation.