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Subtle Side of Teaching

ISBN: 9781475854312

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Training, placing, and retaining highly qualified teachers in our nation's schools has become a very serious challenge in the 21st century. Many factors contribute to teachers' relative levels of satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, with their careers. Some of these factors are rather obvious and tangible; others are not. Many teachers fade, sometimes rather quickly, from unmet personal expectations, overwhelming external requirements, and subsequent "running out of gas." Some of the very simplest things in a teacher's day can have the most dramatic effect on their passion for their work. To keep teachers fully satisfied in their positions, they need to enjoy what they do daily; to enjoy what they do daily, they must approach their work inspired. The Subtle Side of Teaching offers 79 short essays with examples and applications to a variety of school subjects, pointing teachers toward fundamental guidelines for sustained energy, clear thinking, and a positive outlook in the classroom.