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Americas Sex Culture

ISBN: 9781475852844

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America's Sex Culture: Its Impact on Teacher-Student Relationships analyzes recent trends. It includes teacher arrests and student false allegations, and why this culture has ensnared teachers and students, and why it is one of the causes leading to arrests. This second edition adds new material, including: An analysis if of sex-trafficking and how this has impacted high schools and colleges. Sex addiction and pornography and the effect each has on today's students and teachers. Social media and how it has eased its way into the lives of many. Furthermore, sex and pornography are being debated at the state level. States are trying to determine whether teachers in their off-hours can do whatever they want and still keep their teaching jobs. Anecdotal evidence concerning teacher arrests and why our nation is more sexualized than ever. The impact of America's sex culture and its impact upon the developing brains of students and how they relate to teachers.