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Fake News in Science and Education

ISBN: 9781475850499

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The debate over the facts is in full swing. Many people do not merely invent facts, but also feel the need to spread them. The lies and fake news that serve the cause of populism is rightly appalling. Deliberate disinformation has become a means of controlling politics and public opinion. The purpose of this book is to oppose this up-and-coming phenomenon of "weak thought." It is a passionate plea for a new Age of Enlightenment. Scientists tend to be much more skeptical about "truths". In the process of formulating evidenced-based reasoning, undisputed facts are not deliberately hidden, but put forwards for open debate. The free expression of opinion, a free press, and the freedom of research and teaching guarantee the discussion and debate needed to argue the factual evidence in a democracy. The effectiveness of education is an important issue to consider. Learning has always been a way to deal with uncertainty. An important aspect of education in our modern world is about preparing learners to deal with change. It is a kind of preparation for the insecurity of not knowing what is coming and an openness that threatens to withdraw the proven and the validated.