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Positive Behavior, Social Skills, and Self-Esteem

ISBN: 9781475850406
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Does your preschool child with ADHD have poor self-esteem? "Don't do that," and "No," negatively impacts his self-esteem. Parents of preschool children with ADHD travel a frustrating journey. They react instead of respond to their child's misbehavior. Their child is reprimanded for behavior that he cannot control due to his ADHD, which increases his inappropriate behavior. Additionally, socially inappropriate behavior may occur as a result of being treated negatively. Parents should not be blamed, because they may not know how to manage their child's behavior. The child's peers reject him for touching, pushing, and invading their space. Feeling excluded causes a preschool child with ADHD to become vulnerable, allowing him to be bullied. (Yes, even in preschool!) Parents feel frustration, stress and guilt. Parents are taught in this book to diminish their child's misbehaviors by following simple, step-by-step methods to facilitate positive behavior. They learn the first line of treatment for their preschool child with ADHD, which are behavioral interventions, whether they should discipline him for displaying behavior he cannot control, and how to teach him social skills when he is so distractible. Parents are taught to respond in an affirmative way to their child's appropriate behavior, positively impacting his self-esteem.