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Special Needs, Different Abilities

ISBN: 9781475849936

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This book describes the Interactive Method (IM) for teaching different abilities, special needs, and all learners. It involves hand's-on techniques for retention of curriculum and the teaching of thinking; from the elementary through college years. Types of comprehension are defined along with how memory works. Chapters address types of special needs and defines the term and different abilities, in conjunction with creating lessons that result in memory acquisition and transference to personal success on tests or exams, as well as daily situations regarding experiential learning. Also offered are entry level means of instruction for developing a sense of self-confidence, efficacy, reliance and skills necessary for future learning challenges. In conjunction with this is the Reciprocal Thinking Skills Cognition to Metacognition Chart for identification and application of what one is thinking when engaged in the aforementioned IM. A few examples of this are provided through a listing and explanation of the values of this method, lesson objectives and application of these. Personal narratives are provided by teachers and/or parents of children with different abilities before the author's closing comments respective of one's being enough and practice of providing lift-up statements to encourage student learners in the academic and social cognition environments.