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Growing Your Leadership

ISBN: 9781475849646

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As in Improving Your Leadership Intelligence A Field Book for K-12 Leaders, Maulding Green and Leonard have in, Improving Your Leadership Intelligence: Volume 2 Scenarios in K-12 Leadership, provided the reader with an ongoing series of situational judgement test (SJT) scenarios, used in a process that assists both novice and experienced leaders to grow their Leadership Intelligence. The main change in the content in this second edition is that all of the scenarios are based on the experiences of practicing and/or recently retired K-12 educational leaders. As in the volume 1, supporting readings are provided from recent literature to further develop the Leadership Intelligence imperatives of credibility, competence, ability to inspire, vision, and emotional intelligence. The book is based on the foundational books setting forth Leadership Intelligence theory: Leadership Intelligence: Navigating to Your True North and Leadership Intelligence: Navigating with Confidence and Humility (forth coming in the fall of 2019).