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Exponential Technologies

ISBN: 9781475848601

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Exponential Technologies:Higher Education in an Era of Serial Disruptions provides an introduction to leaders in community colleges and universities to the near future impact of technologies that a developing in an exponential manner. Whereas past technologies grew in a linear pattern, gradually, the technologies of the twenty-first century develop in what appears initially to be gradual, almost off to side without much fanfare. However, the gradual process reaches a certain point when it suddenly, without warning, increases in speed phenomenally; it appears to come from nowhere to the surprise of many. Although the technologies first impact the business community, it rapidly follows up toward the educational environment. If leaders in higher education are unaware of the exponential growth of the technologies, the institutions they lead will be caught unprepared and may find it very difficult, if not impossible, to catch up. Moore's law, which claims that computer power doubles every 18 months, is the force behind the exponential velocity. Leaders and faculty must become aware of the technologies and learn how to deal with them or the technologies will deal with the unprepared.