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Smart Kids, Struggling Readers

ISBN: 9781475848366

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This work is a game-changer! Recognizing an all too often tragic outcome ("School to Prison Pipeline"), it provides the tools to alter prognosis. Attention hones the identification and treatment of those underlying and often overlooked causative factors that result in long-term reading failure. Smart Kids, Struggling Readers. reconsiders the current models and methods for Teaching Reading. It offers creative strategies that support and enhance existing research-based techniques. It provides efficient and effective methods that rapidly ameliorate the overt and subtle interference to skills mastery. Rapid progress is assured because intervention supports both Academic and Affective needs. The novel instructional plan, Reading In A Nutshell, incorporates the strong intellectual potential bright students bring to task. The learner comes to apply information (metacognition, error analysis, instructional options) as a primary functional tool. Slow-paced repetitive practice and drills are avoided.